Persian Rug Auction News

Persian Rug Auction News

Precious carpets belonging to the Safavid era in New York Auction A very old and precious Persian carpet that once belonged to an American billionaire, and supposed to cost five million pounds, is to be offered at auction.

British newspaper “Daily Mail”reports that for those interested in interior decorating and home luxuries, anything the size and quality of this fine old Persian rug would appreciate its worth.

The carpet, made in the middle of the seventeenth century, will be sold during the summer auction, with a reserve price of five million pounds.

This rug is around 360 years old and measures about three meters by two meters, so it can be said that the original sale price per square meter is about 800 thousand pounds.

This red, blue and green carpet was bought in the early twentieth century by an American capitalist and after his death in 1925, was donated to a museum. From that time it has been on display at the Carpet Museum in Washington DC.

The newspaper “Daily Mail”says the iconic museum has now decided to sell the carpet for their financing. News of its auction has attracted the interest of collectors of antique old carpets. It is said that the 360-year-old carpet is still in good condition, probably because it has been hanging for the past few years instead of being on the floor.

An antique auction Institute expert at”Sotheby’s” (with over thirty years of experience in the field) says that this is an irreplaceable and priceless carpet.

According to the expert, these carpets were made by skilled craftsmen during the boom of the Safavid dynasty. They were woven in South east Iran. Because of its uniqueness, this particular carpet was most likely originally custom made for some dignitary.

The newspaper “Daily Mail”, reports that this carpet was purchased by American billionaire William Clark, in the early twentieth century in Paris. (He later became a Senator). The carpet will continue to remain in good condition for many more decades provided it is hung rather than be walked on.

The main areas of the rug are made with wool and silk on a cotton warp with Pvdhay flowers design. The carpet is being auctioned in June by the Institute “Sothbey’s” in New York City.